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Hey Hey what up yo!

haaa ok man today was quite a day! it was sooo fun!! lol Got to school at about 8:15 and got on the bus...had to say HEY to terra tho! lol and omg what a bus ride up..."she had sex with him!"..."cherries...haha thats what guys like!" omg...yea gossip and SeX talk...haaaaa

then got to this shipp thing YAC...haha meditating..."I have no ora..." *lol* " You mean those things moved bc i loved something on the floor..." guys i still dont get that shit! lol
lol the frikin food was SICKKK..."I wanna balloon"..."Omg Hollister shit...HOTTTTT!!!" whew he was dead sexy guys and you know it! "ash what did you put in my bag..sick freak" ...that poor girl ran off the stage crying...i really liked the jap song...i want it on a cd!, man i wish i was black so i could dance...right jill? haha Booty call...WRONG DANCE...haha the DJ was like hardcore homo! lol omg guys fun times...**ab, an, sc, kg, jm, cs** haha <3 you girls!

anyways then got home about 5:45ish...and then had to pack reallly fast dad picked us up at 6:30 and we went to Rosalies and i got my fave salad! and tomorrow fun day! hopefully...goin to hburg with spot (jillian) and then goin to kokomos and then to hang out with randy, aunt laura and baily babay! lol then off to a partay..uh unless its gay then cool i dont know what we will do..haha

ok well im soo frikin tired but hey guys take that test about cburg in my earlier entry..haha its funny...ok *night yalls*

*muah* <33


darkbizzy987: whats wrong with muffins and fruit :-P
cshatz2001: they were ok..but like the muffins were sticky and the fruit wasnt ripe or something i dotn know it tasted funny lol
darkbizzy987: lol
darkbizzy987: yeah fruit does taste weird if its not probly had drugs in it to relax u guys or something lol
cshatz2001: grrrrrrrrrrrreat
cshatz2001: ya know im a drug addict
darkbizzy987: of course

geez matty! lol you're frikin hilarious!
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