Chels (beachbum26) wrote,

!!HoW mAnY LiCkS??

wooo what a and pill went to hburg to a cool ass parade..haha riiiigghhhtt...went out to eat at KoKoMoS...hmm lol BATHROOM TALK...haha your balloon flew away "We look like little kids with balloons and man that was fun sitting in the truck at Toys R US... "shut your damn car alarm off ...BBEEEEPPPPP!!!" fun times lemme tell ya peal..

anyways yea so now jills on 4 hrs of sleep so shes up laying in my bed trying to sleep...blah im tired too but i cant sleep during the day so im chillen here boooored...

we gotta go get ready here soon bc we're goin partaying it be gay! WOOO *lol*

Ah My pilly is growing up...haha whats that make me? A 4 YEAR OLD! yessss...haha

I'm out doggs! *muah* <3<3
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