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I don’t want you to love me I wanna fuck and just be friends it feels good when you hug me

Hey Hey!! woo such a looong day today...


had a "pep squad" meeting in Activities period today haha holding a sign hell yes ash! "i want 2 its my fave numer" lol

i finally got this thing figured out...haha so yalls can read this new

omg 7th period sucked ass...the person reading this should know who im talkin about...

i think you got the wrong impression with that thing i wrote..i didnt mean for this shit to happen...i want things to go back to how they were and im sorry just friends...seriously

anyways...haha babays no school tomorrow haha goin to Shipp for something...who knows it'll be cool ash,steph,ash, pill *fun*fun* lol

ok well i have to go to jillians to show her how to use this shit cuz shes jk! <3 u!!

bye yalls *muah*


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