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I said I miss you...

...for the last time

13 February
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Hey what up...this is my life...lol read or dont...its up to you but add me I need some LJ friends<3333
50 cent, a static lullaby, abercrombie, adam sandler movies, alcohol, american eagle, bad boys, beach, big daddy, blue, bone thugs and harmony, bonfires, bowling, boys, breaking rules, brown eyes, bubble baths, campfiring, candles, car washes, cds, chopsticks, clean sheets, coffee icecream, concerts, cornrows, counting crows, country, county fairs, creation coke, cuddling, curly hair, cute little coffee shops, dashboard confessional, dolphins, dreams, drive ins, eagles), fast and the furious, finding nemo, flip flops, flowers, football games, frappachinos, fridays, friends, fucking up, ghettos, gum, gunit, hanging out, hip hop, hiphop, hollister, hoodies, hot tubs, hugs, inside jokes, kayaking, konstantine, laughing, lip gloss, lyrics, maroon 5, memories, mest, mexican food, midnight talks, mini golf, mocha, mullets, night, non-assholes, north carolina, obx, oc, one tree hill, palm trees, partying, phone, pictures, piercings, pillow fights, pillows, pina colodas, pink, pink roses, pizza, poetry, punk, purple, rain, rap, real world, rednecks, ritas, road trips, rock climbing, rollercoasters, romance, rum slushies, sarcasm, saved by the bell, shooting stars, shopping, showers, sleep, sleeping, smell before it rains, smiles, smirnoff, sneakers, sneaking out, snow aliens, something corporate, starbucks, stars, staying up late, sugarcult, summer, summer loves, surf shops, surfers, sweet talk, swimming, swings and seesaws, taking back sunday, talking, tequila, thunderstorms, tiffany & co, trampolenes, traveling, trucker hats, victorias secret, vin diesel, water, water guns, whipped cream, wishes, working out, yellowcard